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11014 Bond Road
Lake Country, BC, V4V 1K5




Pilates Night w/ Kristi Mason (June 22nd & 26th) tickets available here:
Yoga Night w/ Emile Mann or Tara Greer (June 20th & 28th) tickets available here:
Paint Night w/ Kim Smith (June 29th) tickets available here:

Tickets for live in the vineyard available here:

Please bring your tickets ready to present! 

Please NO outside food or drink!


June 2: OPENING NIGHT: Ukulele Bruce

June 9: DoubleSharp Duet

June 16: John Anderson

June 23: Jeff Mathers

June 30: Andrew Smith

July 5: Tanya Lipscomb

July 7: Joshua Smith

July 12: Jeff Piatelli

July 14: Michael Huber

July 19: Le Mon Ay

July 21: Ukulele Bruce

July 26: Steve Stairs

July  28: Major Mambo Trio

August 2: Tanya Lipscomb

August 4: Joshua Smith 

August 9: Blue Skies the Trio

August 16: Jeff Piatelli

August 11: Andrew Smith

August 23: Melissa Livingstone

August 18: Michael Painchaud 

August 30: Sunday Morning String Band

August 25: Jeff Mathers 

September 1st: Ukulele Bruce